Ford F-250

The Built Ford Tough F-250 Super Duty

Ford refers to its F-250, also called the "Super Duty," as the "Next Generation of Tough," and it most definitely is. The F-250 can be as practical or as luxurious as you like, and it will answer the call of almost any task you can throw its way in Needham Heights! This three-quarter-ton truck is as adept off the road as it is pulling a load or simply hauling you, your family, and your cargo anywhere you need to go. Plus the Super Duty does all of this in style.

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The F-250 Super Duty comes with multiple available engine options, some of which are a 7.3-liter OVH V8 engine as well as a Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel. The Ford Super Duty consistently wins best-in-class in every towing and hauling capacity competition. In fact, the F-250 Super Duty is one of the most capable heavy-duty trucks on the roads of Boston today.


Ford Motor Company has instituted a standard safety system that is present in all Ford vehicles, and it is invaluable to F-250 drivers as they utilize trailers to tow. This system is called Ford CoPilot360, and it is present in even the base model of the F-250 Super Duty.

As a basic package, the Ford CoPilot360 will include pre-collision alerts (with automatic emergency braking), lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning/alerts, blind-spot monitoring (known as BLIS), a number of cameras across the exterior of the truck to assist in the vision of the driver, and a back-up camera. Certain trims come with a parking assist and adaptive cruise control that our Brookline drivers like.


Let's speak about the BLIS system. Those exterior cameras that we mentioned earlier? They are the main ingredient of the BLIS safety feature. You'll get warnings when you get ready to change lanes, and should you appear to venture over into the other lane, you'll get an alert to steer back into your proper lane. When backing the F-250 into a trailer hitch, you'll enjoy cameras that assist you with backing the Super Duty.

Interior and Technology

The interior of the F-250 can be as sparse or as luxurious as you need in Newton. When it comes to technology, Ford also provides a rather luxurious package that is standard on all Ford vehicles, including the F-250 Super Duty. FordPass Connect is outfitted with a large touchscreen infotainment center that puts all gauges and entertainment at the driver's fingertips.

Trim Packages

The Ford F-250 is available in six trim packages:

  • the XL or base package
  • the XLT, which offers a few amenities but is still primarily a work truck
  • the Lariat, a great mixture of luxury and utility
  • the King Ranch, offers leather seats, a sunroof, and lots of interior room
  • the Limited, a top-tier package
  • the Platinum, the top package with lots of chrome trim

When it comes to trim packages, it is truly up to the driver as to what fits best for you. The XL offers Ford CoPilot360, the option for vinyl trim and an overall more utilitarian look, while the Platinum offers every amenity you could desire!

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