You've logged the hours, earned the grades, gotten the degree and now it's time to enter the next phase of your life. With the new Muzi Ford College Discount Program you can do so in style behind the wheel of a beautiful new Ford vehicle at a substantial discount.

This month, we are offering College Graduates an additional $1,250 Bonus Cash on new Ford vehicles including the Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, & the the brand new Ford EcoSport as well as $1,000 Bonus Cash on Ford Ranger, Ford F-150 and Ford Fiesta.  In addition to the  discount, qualified graduates will also receive a guaranteed Tier 0 approval meaning that you will get a fantastic interest rate and you can start building your credit!

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Great selection of all of these vehicles are available. Also, the Ford Fusion discount applies to the gas model, hybrid model and plug-in hybrid.

Ford Ranger Trucks
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Ford F-350 Trucks

*Additional Program Details: Offer valid from April 1th to July 1, 2019. $1,000 Bonus cash includes $1,250 on Escape, Fusion and EcoSport and $1,000 for Ford F-150, Ranger and Fiesta.  Eligibility extends to 3 years post graduation, graduates of 2 year program receive tier 1 approval, graduates of 4 year program receive tier 0 approval through ford credit, program qualification does not guarantee credit approval.