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If it is your first time financing a car, it can be a little overwhelming.  Here at Muzi Ford we love nothing more than seeing our customers in the Boston, Newton, Needham, Waltham, MA area drive off in the new car of their dreams with a smile on their faces. That is why we have put together this helpful information Car Finance so that you are prepared and knowledgeable when you walk into the car dealership and head into the finance office to complete your lease or purchase. Scroll down to check out the video series.

Car Finance Basics: What Is Credit?

Like anything, the best place to start learning is by starting at the very beginning, laying a strong foundation of knowledge and building upon that base. Our first video will provide you the ins and outs credit and how your mysterious credit score is calculated. You see the ads for all of the "free" credit car Here at Muzi Ford our finance experts help our customers navigate their way through car financing. Whether you have great credit, are a first time buyer, or even if you have bad credit our team is always available to help answer your questions and help point you in the right direction. 

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Car Finance Basics: Should I Buy Or Lease My Next Car?

There are many things to consider when making a decision whether to buy or lease a car. Common wisdom often concludes that buying a car is the smartest financial decision. But many drivers fail to understand that buying a car is really not an investment. Cars depreciate quickly and paying interest and a high monthly payment on a devaluing asset usually doesn't make that much sense.

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According to Edmunds.com your car loses 9% of its value when you drive it off the lot. It then loses 19% off its value after the first year. That is why it is important to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle which is within your means or consider leasing which provides lower monthly payments, lower maintenance costs and provides you with a new car every few years. 

Car Finance Basics: What Do I Do When My Lease Ends

If you decide to go with a lease you will have to decide what to do when you lease ends. You basically have 3 options: turn it into the dealership, buy it outright and continue driving your leased vehicle or you can trade it in before the lease ends and roll the remaining payments into the purchase or lease of your next vehicle.


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